There are four BIG questions facing growth-minded executives in 2024.  We believe there will be generational changes that take root and reshape business.


1. Generative AI 

What value can Generative AI create for my business?  Whether focusing on customer experience or employee productivity, understanding where to start begins with experience mapping.  Our new partnership with EnginableTM  unlocks new technologies for your specific use cases.


2. Organizational Readiness 

Is my organization ready for change? Rapid acceleration of digital experience innovation will place all businesses in all industries in a race toward meaningful differentiation. Executing those strategies requires new approaches to change management, adoption, collaboration, measurement and governance.


3. First Party Data  Organizational Readiness 

Do I have a first-party data strategy for a cookieless future? Google has already started disabling third-party cookies on Chrome and will ramp up the changes in the back half of 2024.  This will accelerate the value of first-party data for personalizing brand engagement and drive more contextual advertising strategies.


4. Experience Layers 

Why are composable experience layers becoming so important? As CRM strategies advance to deliver highly personalized experiences at scale, display must be decoupled from the back-end for performance and design. Headless is no longer a buzzword.


At DefinedLogic, we are working with mid-sized and enterprise-level clients on their digital transformation journey. Some organizations are ready to consider a holistic approach and others start with one element yet we help them with a roadmap to help them champion the vision of the future across their c-suite and other leadership stakeholders.



If you’d like to learn more about how we approach business transformation with some of our key partnerships:

For creating a leverageable first-party data model with full CRM platform capabilities - Hubspot

For a composable architecture to easily manage cross-channel content and deliver seamless customer experiences - Contentful



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