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Leveraging the Hubspot Platform

Today's competitive business landscape necessitates effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to drive growth and ensure success. Effective marketing attracts, engages and delights customers through personalized and targeted campaigns. An advanced CRM tool will assist your company in the optimization of marketing strategies to meet revenue goals, maximize ROI and ensure scalability.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, providing a seamless user experience. As a comprehensive solution to manage your marketing and sales activities in one centralized platform, HubSpot allows businesses to streamline processes, improve collaboration and enhance customer experiences. Saving time and effort, HubSpot's automation capabilities create personalized campaigns and deliver substantial analytics.

Our HubSpot-Certified Service

Based on your needs, DefinedLogic implements customized Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and CRM. The Marketing Hub package helps businesses attract, engage and nurture leads through inbound marketing strategies. The Sales Hub package focuses on empowering sales teams with tools for lead management, pipeline tracking and sales automation. HubSpot's CRM package provides a centralized system for managing customer relationships, contacts and deals.

Our HubSpot Process:

Discovery and Assessment
  • Analyze existing systems, processes and goals
  • Identify pain points, challenges and specific requirements
  • Define success metrics and objectives
Planning and Strategy
  • Develop timeline and resource allocation
  • Determine scope of implementation
  • Define requirements with existing enterprise systems
Data Migration and Integration
  • Assess needs from existing platforms
  • Plan and execute data migration
  • Establish additional integrations
Configuration and Customization
  • Configure settings and preferences based on requirements
  • Customize modules, templates and workflows
  • Implement advanced customization
Automation and Workflows
  • Design and implement automation workflows
  • Develop lead scoring models and qualification criteria
  • Create and automate personalized email campaigns, lead nurturing sequences and follow-up processes
User Training and Onboarding
  • Conduct training sessions
  • Offer ongoing support and resources
Reporting and Analytics
  • Create customized dashboards, reports and analytics
  • Implement advanced reporting features
  • Provide training and guidance on analytics data
Continuous Optimization and Support
  • Conduct regular performance reviews and audits
  • Offer ongoing support and troubleshooting assistance
  • Provide up-to-date recommendations on new features

HubSpot-Badge2_croppedDefinedLogic maximizes utilization of HubSpot by providing everything from onboarding and strategy to implementation, training and monitoring. As a HubSpot Gold Partner, our team ensures that you utilize all the tools at your disposal. Our goal is to help you leverage HubSpot to achieve your marketing, sales and customer service objectives.

Our HubSpot Audit:

Are you challenged to help achieve your company’s goals yet realize your Hubspot configuration is not advanced enough to set you up for success?  For companies that have Hubspot, DefinedLogic offers a complimentary audit.

Our team has created a comprehensive Hubspot audit to provide a quick assessment and a roadmap with proposed action plan.  We focus on areas such as the data model, lead management, workflows, automation, email marketing, reporting, analytics, and gaps on best practices. Plus, we’ve recently added AI opportunities in the audit.

Reach out below to learn more about our audit process and then schedule a kick-off call.


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