Rethinking RevOps

The companies today who are gaining market share and building their brand are doing it by delivering end-to-end customer experiences that are easier, faster and better than competitors. They’re attracting and delighting more customers by maximizing lifetime value (LTV) at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

These successes are based on the realization that, from the customer’s perspective, there is no such thing as marketing, sales and service – only the experience they have with your brand. For historically siloed teams who work toward different goals, creating a unified experience can very challenging.

Enter RevOps.

Revenue Operations, or RevOps, was developed as a way to drive full-funnel accountability through the alignment of marketing, sales and services. RevOps recognizes that all teams and departments are critical to generating and maximizing revenue. When everyone plays a part in owning the same goal, they will instinctively work together and think about how their strategies support those of other teams.

The importance of RevOps has only grown as CRM innovation has accelerated. What was once an emerging business discipline has now become an imperative for customer experience success and business growth.


Experience-Centric Solutions

At DefinedLogic, we have adopted a “RevOps first” point-of-view. Our operations also benefit from unified pursuit of a shared goal, but as a digital product agency, we bring the RevOps philosophy into every product and campaign we design. Through RevOps, we create new, stronger connections between our clients with their customers.

Every DefinedLogic project begins and ends with the customer; every solution is built around their needs, behaviors, and expectations for the experiences that matter most to them. RevOps is essential for this approach. When teams are unified, they aren’t serving their separate goals, they are serving the customer.

RevOps thinking also informs how we approach technology. When a company scales, they must manage more customers, more tools and more touchpoints. Out-of-sync technology solutions lead to out-of-sync teams. We help companies scale through a unified tech stack.

To help our clients deliver on truly differentiated customer experiences, we use the RevOps lens to define the CRM technology, data flows, processes and business intelligence required. We overlay customer journeys with service blueprints to show what must happen back-stage for the front stage to shine.

If you want to grow through customer experience innovation, you’re ready to put RevOps first.