Rethinking RevOps

What was once an emerging business discipline has now become an imperative for customer experience success and business growth. Revenue Operations, or RevOps, grew out of the need for business executives to have strategic visibility of processes that cut across marketing, sales and service silos. The importance of this discipline has only grown as CRM innovation has accelerated.

At DefinedLogic, we have adopted a “RevOps first” point-of-view. The leading companies today gaining market share and building brand are doing so by delivering end-to-end customer experiences that are easier, faster and better than competitors. They have realized that, from the customer’s perspective, there is no such thing as marketing, sales and service – only experience. These companies are attracting more customers, delighting more customers, and maximizing lifetime value (LTV) at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

To help our clients deliver on truly differentiated customer experience, we start with RevOps to define the CRM technology, data flows, processes and business intelligence required. We overlay customer journeys with service blueprints to show what must happen back-stage for the front stage to shine.

If you want to grow through customer experience innovation, you’re ready to put RevOps first.