The Evolution of Content Management: A Composable CMS Future

Content drives the digital experience. A Content Management System (CMS) enables a team to create strategies, deliver products and monitor results. Enter the headless CMS built to deliver seamless content across multiple platforms.



Headless websites utilize a decoupled CMS, separating the presentation layer from the administration layer. When systems require complex customizations and integrations, this flexible architecture choice enables greater security and scale.
Storing your content on a headless CMS allows for increased adjustability while planning and serving content. And if your current content delivery solution causes tie-ups and delays, a headless option will likely be the best choice to resolve these issues.
The Composable Architecture (TCA) is a design pattern that allows for the creation and reusability of components and microservices for building applications in a consistent and scalable manner. The ability to release new site features without affecting all your services allows for ease and speed when updating your websites. Built on microservices, the composable model separates your system into isolated services providing improved fault tolerance, as the failure of one service will not disconnect the entire system.
Older marketing strategies were replaced by a desire to satisfy the need for instant customer engagement. Composable architecture is a timesaving, easy-to-use process that allows developers to create reusable components to build applications and minimize site issues. This architecture saves businesses money by providing an efficient process to develop, deploy and scale websites.
With compossible architecture, businesses pick products (frameworks, services) that fit their needs without compromising on features. An example, the Contentful® Composable Content Platform provides a central hub for authoring, assembling, editing and managing content across all your business’s digital touchpoints.
While evaluating the future of your CMS, we believe you should strongly consider a composable architecture, headless CMS approach.
Ready for Composable Architecture?