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Why Jugglers Make Better Digital Professionals

DefinedLogic is home to a diverse group of professionals. I work as a business analyst, but throughout my career I have worked as a developer and a project manager as well. As you’ve probably guessed from the title of this article, I am also a juggler.

I’m not a great juggler and certainly not a professional, but I am good enough to perform at the occasional birthday party or company picnic. Over the years, I have observed that the skills required to be a digital professional are comparable to the skills required to be a juggler.

For example:

  • Multi-Tasking
    Juggling by nature requires the ability to focus on multiple objects at once. That same skill must become second nature to be an effective digital professional as well.
  • Creativity
    A certain personality type is drawn to juggling. Despite what some may think, I like to say we are “creative, with an ability to think outside-the-box.”
  • Practice and Commitment
    Learning the basic mechanics of juggling three balls at one time is not difficult. It can be explained in a few sentences. To master those mechanics, though, requires practice and commitment. Business analysis and project management also can be taught, but to become an effective professional you must be willing to pick up the dropped balls and keep practicing.
  • Managing Constraints
    As BAs and project managers, we juggle three constraints – scope, time and cost. Simultaneously observing one constraint’s motion in relation to the others is critical to successful delivery.
  • Comfortable on Stage
    Jugglers are always willing to take the stage to show off their latest trick. As digital professionals, our stage may be running a meeting, expressing a point of view appropriately, or sending a sensitive e-mail. We must embrace these tasks without stage fright.

The next time work feels like a circus and you are confronted with too many balls in the air, perform like a juggler and your project will get a standing ovation.

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