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Collaboration is hard. There's a tendency to discount the importance and complexity of collaboration in digital, mainly I think because of a misperception of what it really is.

It is not the rosy picture of workplace nirvana that some may think. At its best, collaboration involves experts across multiple business disciplines mutually agreeing for periods of time to put aside their own perspective in an attempt to discover the best possible solution for any given challenge. It’s messy, often contentious, sometimes fun and, most of all, extremely productive if managed properly. This we learned all too well working for ourselves during our recent website rebuild.

In the summer of 2016, we committed ourselves to redesign You might think this would be the easiest of tasks for a digital innovation, design and development consultancy. The objective was clear: Tell people who we are, what we do and for whom in the most efficient way possible. But, as is always the case when a group of talented, intelligent and thoughtful people get together (in their spare time), there was a multitude of opinions on how to proceed.

So, as one of our principal consultants is apt to say, we decided to eat our own dog food. Man, was it tasty.

After reviewing dozens upon dozens of digital agency websites, we were no closer to finding a clear and meaningful way to explain what we do that makes us different and better digital partners. Based on years of experience, all of us — designers, marketers, business analysts, UX architects, consultants and developers — had crafted our beliefs about what great digital work is and how to make it. Coming to consensus about how to describe our shared point of view without being pedantic, overly complicated or straight-up confusing proved difficult.

Albert Einstein once said, “everything should be made as simple as possible but no simpler.” We were failing at that.

We hit dead ends. We debated. We revised, went back to the drawing board, circled back and ultimately ended up with the right solution. Three things allowed us to do that effectively and efficiently.

DLUX Sprint

At DL, we have adopted a lean, user-centric UX methodology we call DLUX. Within that, our DLUX Sprint (based on Google Ventures design thinking) has proven to be very effective—both for enterprise scale product innovation and start-up launch concepts.

DL website design sprints

Establishing a process for ideation and conceptual vetting allowed our team to move quickly to consensus around a proposed solution without getting bogged down in “opinion tailspin.”


Once the proposed solution was established, we did something many people overlook in the design process. We tested our solution to validate assumptions before starting any further design or development. We built working interactive prototypes in Axure to test with clients and prospective clients. The results were enlightening and provided us with the pivot points we needed to hone the solution according to our brand and business objectives.

Shared Communications Framework

The DLUX process gave us structure. Testing gave us insight. But without a shared understanding concerning the true nature of what we do that makes us different, we lacked the communications framework to manifest our brand on the new site. Our breakthrough came in the form of a visualization we call The Digital Universe. Our “universe” construct provides a holistic, integrative understanding of the digital landscape within a context that highlights the collaborative deliverables critical to the success of any digital product or project. Using the universe as a guide, we were able to develop a shared language and deeper understanding of our value proposition.

Diverse Expertise. One Partner

You can’t find that everywhere.
Our clients partner with us to create and execute digital strategies that move business forward.

Ultimately, the architecture and content strategy for our site was born from the idea that we should embrace and promote our diverse individual areas of expertise within the context of the greater whole they create.



































To learn more about what we learned or get a close look at the digital universe, feel free to reach out directly. And please, enjoy our new site responsively.

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