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Through a collaboration with Project Write Now, a community organization that teaches writing to local children, teens, and adults, DefinedLogic recently hosted three “working” sessions for local high school students at our office in Red Bank.

Project Write Now established the program to expose young students to careers in the technology field. I was lucky enough to coordinate our participation.

We hosted the students for three sessions:

  • During Session #1, we taught them about our Solution Studio, a brainstorming session that is part of our DLUX process, which we use early in digital product development projects with actual clients.
  • In Session #2, we discussed common website building blocks, such as user experience, navigation, and controls like buttons and links.
  • Session #3 built on the groundwork laid in Sessions #1 and #2, as we led the students through a Solution Studio with a simulated client.

Session #3 was the highlight of the program. One of our Business Analysts, Mark Kramer, and his dog Wanda posed as owners of a business called “Wanda’s Pet Sitting Service.” He explained that he wanted to expand his business, which was currently being promoted using flyers posted around town. The students interviewed the “client” to learn more about his business problem. Everyone in the room was blown away when the first question asked was “Have you considered a digital solution?”

From there the students went on to thoroughly interview the potential client about what aspects of the business should be featured on his website and what kind of competition he had in the area. Sketches were developed and voted on to reveal the best possible website solution.

DefinedLogic is proud to have this opportunity to work with Project Write Now. The students amazed us with their presentation skills and great ideas. And for the folks from DefinedLogic who participated, it was great fun to spend time with up-and-coming digital superstars.

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