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It should be no surprise: The most important thing in digital is people

Behind every digital solution stands a group of people that imagined a process differently and then executed that dream in the digital realm.

It takes a unique set of personalities to launch a new digital product, from analytical thinkers to creative innovators – it takes a special team of people to care about the most mundane details that will make your digital experience exceptional.  I am proud to say that I get to work with those types of people everyday.

A key pillar of DefinedLogic’s success is summed up in one simple statement – “It’s all about the people.”

When hiring, we focus on finding people with extraordinary digital experience and a personality that meshes with our culture and our clients.

Do smarter, more experienced people deliver more? Yes!

A smaller team of more experienced people will deliver a project faster and for less money than that of a larger team that lacks the specific experience required. Your cost per hour may be higher, but the amount of resources and hours worked will be smaller – the net is you save money.

Group photo of DL coworkers

Decision makers within companies are seeking value for every person on a project. They want results for every dollar spent. Smart money is spent on a team that brings the appropriate level of specialized skills to your project. When you combine a solid methodology with an experienced team focused on quality, you deliver more with less people.

I am proud of the employees we have hired and how they have grown through the years.  Digital changes every day and our people love that challenge.

I hope you have the opportunity to work with our exceptional talent.

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