UX design

Engaging Through Experience

As digital channels account for a growing share of customer interaction, user experience (UX) becomes ever more critical to brand success.

The emotional connections and cognitive processes customers experience while using a digital application or website can be a key differentiator for a brand… or a major impediment.


A great user experience is one that meets the needs of the user in the most simplistic, efficient and pleasing way that makes a product not only useful but delightful.

We use a three-step process to create great user experiences for our customers. We call this process DL UX,  combining techniques from both Lean and Agile methodologies to help a company take a product from idea to implementation. We leverage cross-functional viewpoints, verify we are solving the right problem from the beginning, establish a clear vision for the solution and emphasize early testing of initial designs to make sure they work for the user and business.

UX Design

DLUX allows for early ideation and validation before full-scale wireframing, story writing and development begins. It’s not about failing fast; it’s about learning fast. At the end of this process, you have a product solution that works and has a great user experience.

Design Sprint

Design Sprint

DLUX Sprints focus on and explore a feature or specific part of a product. With a limited scope and a short duration of a week, a sprint can test and validate ideas about user flow, functionality and interaction design around a specific product goal.

Web Design

We use the product vision and the brand strategy as a foundation to create the overall “look and feel” or aesthetics and user interface elements of a digital application or website. These elements are combined to create the visual design for the product solution and the user experience.

Web Design
Information Architecture

Information Architecture

For digital products and websites, we identify and define the relationships between content and function, and their underlying organization, hierarchy and taxonomy. This allows us to create effective user flows and navigation structures for optimal experience.

Brand Design

We identify the core attributes of a brand, its potential market positioning versus competitors and a unifying idea that demonstrates how the brand will connect with customers digitally to create a brand strategy. We use the brand strategy as a guide when creating brand elements and designs that represent the brand.

Brand Design
UX Assessment

UX Assessment

We use heuristic evaluations to identify areas for improvement in the user interface of an application or website design. Specifically, these evaluations are not designed to pinpoint the success of a user interface; they are only used to identify shortcomings of the user interface.

Complementary to our heuristics analysis we also conduct competitive marketing assessments of websites to determine how well they are engaging target audiences in terms of persuasion, emotion and trust.

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