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Measuring + Optimizing Digital Performance

Our analytics process includes three phases designed to measure digital behavior's impact on business objectives and multi-channel marketing funnel performance. 

The first step is understanding exactly what business wants to learn. Our team creates the necessary documentation that outlines the strategic plan for capturing meaningful behavioral data, the means for implementing tracking codes and the dashboards and reporting needed for business intelligence.


We create analytics and reporting strategies for executives, operations, marketing, user experience and product management teams.

We then put that strategic plan into action by implementing analytics tools for tag management, event coding, dashboarding and segmentation. We create an implementation guide for a smooth transition from existing tracking techniques to the new model.

Lastly, we configure analytics reporting tools to provide the clearest view for the business. This includes creating a suite of dashboards, widgets, content groups, advanced segments and shortcuts to customize user interfaces to the specific needs of the client.

Digital Performance Management

We work with leadership and executives across multiple business units to determine all metrics needed to measure the success of digital initiatives from concept through build to launch and ongoing optimization. Our asset-for-life methodology starts with the business case and tracks all critical metrics that impact the ultimate success of any digital asset. Dashboard reporting and real-time measurement of infrastructure performance, UX, content engagement, customer satisfaction, e-commerce and P&L provide the foundation for continuous optimization.

Analytics Frameworks

Analytics Frameworks

We document the restructuring of all tracking codes and business intelligence reporting. Our frameworks outline strategies for measuring user behavior and conversions aligned to specific business objectives. To clearly define user paths and journeys, we outline a labeling convention for Macro conversions (a conversion that directly relates to customer acquisition), Micro conversions (a conversion that indicates user intent to become a Macro conversion), and Ancillary conversions (a conversion that leads to secondary engagement flows).

Analytics Dashboarding + Reporting

Following our established analytics framework, we design dashboards and custom reports that create the business intelligence required to support effective decision-making for executives, operations, marketing, user experience and product management teams.

Tag Management + Implementation

Effective experience tagging allows business teams to track behavior events without the need to involve a development team. Events allow marketing teams to monitor particular behavior and how users are interacting with content at specific points in the digital experience. These insights provide a roadmap for content and experience optimization that drives conversions and deeper brand affinity over time.

Engagement Insights

We use analytics data to create user segments based on first-party profile data, behavioral web analytics (including conversion tracking), and third-party data such as life events, consumer affinity and in-market segments. We leverage the segmentation to provide insights that support data-driven decisions about what content to serve for each user through personalization and multivariate testing techniques.

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