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Merging the Science + Art of Communication

Using an approach rooted in Agile principles and data-driven decision-making, we help clients choose the appropriate digital marketing channels for effective engagement that drives conversions and lasting brand affinity.

Based on experience working with B2B and B2C brands in various markets, we focus on activation, adoption and analytics. 


We use a combination of first-party customer profile data and third-party market intelligence to create digital personas for UX design and content strategies that convert through contextual and adaptive digital campaigns.

At every stage of activation and adoption, we use multivariate testing, content experiments and creativity to unlock the right communications for each target persona using an iterative approach to campaign optimization.

Digital Persona Development

Through persona development, we discover actionable insights based on quantitative research and qualitative interviews with users/customers and prospective users/customers. For Buyer Personas, we focus on developing personalized commercial insights that provide a springboard for effective branding, marketing and sales initiatives. For User Personas, we focus on discovering ethnographic insights that drive user experience design and product adoption.

Customer Journey Mapping

In conjunction with digital persona development, we map customer journeys across channels and time to define digital behavior, experience moments and touchpoints that drive engagement and affinity. We do this both at a macro level to understand engagement across channels, but also at a micro level within specific products and sites to optimize experience and conversion.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Our full-service team can conceive, execute and deliver digital campaigns from concept to code and hosting in a truly turn-key fashion. We also can support existing teams with creative, content or technology. We have successfully launched campaigns this way for large brands and medium-size enterprises across multiple B2B and B2C markets.

Social Marketing + Advertising

We understand how to leverage the community of social media to build effective organic and paid campaigns across multiple channels. We are expert at building micro-segments for effective personalized engagement that converts and also builds authentic brand connections.

Search Marketing + Advertising

As a Google partner with multiple clients under management, we are constantly learning the most effective and efficient ways to activate new customers through search. We conceive, research, launch and manage paid campaigns. We also optimize content for organic growth and experience optimization.

Digital Content Development

Information is the most valuable commodity in the world. We help our clients to publish the content their customers want and need to make their lives better. We do this to ensure that the brand remains relevant to customers on their terms. Our strategists and writers support execution of all marketing campaigns.

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