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Transforming How Work Happens

Business agility in the digital economy requires new thinking, new structures, new processes, new skills and new tools.

Through practical application of established Lean and Agile principles, we help our clients to be more nimble and competitive, with greater efficiency and faster speed-to-market.


Based on years of experience working with large enterprise clients, we have found that an overall assessment of how work actually gets done within an organization is the best place to start.

We call this “How Work Happens” and it includes all processes and practices used to take an idea from concept to implementation and ongoing support. From there, we can recommend practical steps for transformation with a sustainable roadmap designed to produce greater innovation and speed.

Enterprise Agile Jumpstart

We start by making an assessment of business agility across the enterprise by looking at “How Work Happens” within an organization. We identify areas that would benefit by adding Lean and Agile principles and practices. We establish a working team with combined DefinedLogic and client resources. We work together to implement solutions that best help the organization to meet business objectives.

Enterprise Agile Jumpstart

Team Agile Jumpstart

We help define and implement an agile process at the Build Team level to improve the speed of delivery, business alignment and value to the customer. We establish a working team with combined DefinedLogic and client resources. The team will select and deliver a project successfully using the process. We then refine and repeat the process with another project and/or team.

Solution Elaboration

Within our User Experience Design process, we use a rapid ideation technique called Solution Studio. The cross-functional team conducts a time-boxed working session to elaborate and establish initial solution options for the problem space. We use sketches, key insights and findings from the Solution Studio to create draft stories, wireframes, prototypes and design themes. We conduct user experience testing and refine the solution as needed. The end result is a product solution that meets the business objectives and works for the user.

Solution Elaboration
Product Management / Business Analysis

Product Management/Business Analysis

We are expert at eliciting product requirements, ensuring that all possible user scenarios and product features are identified and documented.  Through collaboration with business, creative and technical teams, our Product Managers and Business Analysts develop compelling solutions for each scenario and feature.  We facilitate continuous communication between business stakeholders and delivery teams making sure that requirements are understood, delivered and result in superior customer experiences.

Program/Project Management

Our Program/Project Managers create and maintain program roadmaps, develop project plans and schedules, secure resources and establish and maintain budgets. We support delivery teams helping them to understand the product vision and ensuring that they have the resources they need to be successful.  Project Managers are the “keepers” of scope and will manage the change control process as necessary. We provide regular status reports regarding program and project health and present to all levels of leadership.

Program / Project Manager
Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching

We provide leadership and coaching on business agility principles, practices and frameworks. We have found that the best way to coach is to show by doing. We typically embed expert coaches in the various agile roles within an agile team. These resources will have a “shadow” resource on the client side to gain knowledge and experience first hand as work happens.

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