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Personalizing the Healthcare Insurance Experience


Humana and DefinedLogic partnered to solve complex user journeys for a best-in-class digital customer experience.

Integrating the digital customer experience across disparate properties and multiple legacy systems is a huge endeavor. Our teams not only improved complex user flows, but also helped the leading healthcare industry brand receive Forrester’s #1 rating for online healthcare insurance enrollment experiences.


DefinedLogic was called into an engagement with Humana’s digital team to help solve several complex user experience challenges within a wide-ranging and ambitious transformation roadmap. Our leadership consulted with business leaders to define the critical aspects of those challenges. We crafted various work streams to attack the challenges in the most efficient manner based on agile principles.

wireframes of Humana's digital experience


Once aligned with business, we quickly infused experienced talent into Humana’s digital teams spread across multiple work streams. Our Business Analysts closely engaged with business stakeholders to define specific requirements and produce user stories, while our UX Architects solutioned wireframes to support the process and capture usability insights.


Within months, our teams were able to identify a multi-year roadmap to success that resulted in short-term wins and long-term strategic advantage for the brand. Our approach, processes and expertise resulted in a refinement of design that catapulted the brand to the top of the healthcare industry for online insurance enrollment experiences.

Solving the most complex user experiences can result in the most significant benefits. Based on our solution, Humana was ranked Forrester’s best online healthcare enrollment experience.

Success is Built on Trust

As we became subject matter experts, Humana asked that we serve as Product Owners to author user stories, manage product backlogs, facilitate issue resolution and interface with development groups. We were trusted to lead sprint planning and management of release plans. That trust was the foundation for success.

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