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We tried to create a place where we actually like to go to work everyday


DefinedLogic was founded in 2002 by Alex Shanley and myself. This was a unique period in time as it was just after 9/11 and the economy had taken a serious downturn. Conversely, this was the best time for us to start our company and take some risks. We were young enough and brave enough to move away from traditional Corporate America and take a chance.

We aspired to create a place where we wanted to go to work everyday—a company we could be proud of and that was distinct in the marketplace.  I can honestly say we have reached our initial goals. We work with interesting and unique customers and create real partnerships between ourselves and our clients.

It is gratifying to know we can always do what’s best for our customers. Part of being an entrepreneur is taking pride in what you do, being proud of the people that you represent and the work that you produce. We are constantly refining and elevating our craft. Every day is a chance to learn and solve a new problem. Just when you think you figured it all out, there’s more. I think that’s the allure.

Today, DefinedLogic is an extremely successful company filled with a remarkably diverse and experienced group of professionals that are eager to learn and take chances just like Alex and I did. My father once said if you find a job that you like, you never have to work a day in your life. I am happy to report that today his words ring true.

Group photo of the Definedlogic family

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