A Different Kind of Digital Thinking

A downhill skater pops up for a jump on a street session at night. A downhill skater pops up for a jump on a street session at night.

Enterprise Digital Consulting

We help leading brands implement large-scale digital initiatives and solve complex online user flows through expert consultant teams.

Online user experiences like quoting health insurance, opening new bank accounts or researching family mobile plans have critical brand and conversion impact. We specialize in solving these complex user experiences for Fortune 500 brands to significantly improve customer satisfaction. For enterprise-size digital initiatives, such as enhancing online account management or mapping requirements for omni-channel functionality, DefinedLogic integrates specialized consultants with client project teams to implement the solution.

  • E-commerce
  • Online Account Management
  • Quoting & Enrollment / Acquisition
  • Digital Tools / Self Service
  • Personalization
  • Mobility Implementation
  • Web Content Accessibility
  • Integrating Sites & Legacy Systems
  • Adobe Experience Manager

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Digital Brand Engagement

Brands seeking to harness the transformative power of digital turn to DefinedLogic for immersive emotional experiences that spark immediate personal brand connections.

As digital continues to reshape the business landscape, we are creating new digital experiences that drive deeper brand engagement across all devices. These new experiences, rooted in immersive emotional context and intuitive design, spark immediate personal brand connections while motivating ambassadors to grow brands through closed-loop social referral. Integrated with robust analytics and personalized content platforms, our solutions offer companies undiscovered opportunities for growth and innovation.

  • Digital Brand Strategy
  • Digital Experience Innovation
  • Complex User Flows
  • Intuitive User Experience Design
  • New Multimedia Digital Technologies
  • Prototype User Testing
  • Analytics & Content Platforms
  • Application Development & Hosting

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Application Development

We develop business-critical technology solutions to help companies optimize their business or seize new growth opportunity.

We offer full life-cycle application development from analysis, requirements and design to development, testing, and systems integration. DefinedLogic develops mission-critical web-based and mobile technology solutions that generate measurable results for mid-market and large organizations. Our clients use our custom software applications to improve their operations or seize a new business opportunity to create a significant business advantage.

  • Websites, Portals, and Intranets
  • Dynamic Web & Mobile Applications
  • Content Management Systems
  • Collaboration Tools
  • E-commerce
  • Online Account Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Executive Dashboards
  • API & Systems Integration
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Custom Software Applications

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Proven Agile Experience

Our value proposition? Infusion of our Agile expertise into your enterprise web development projects. As members of your teams, our Agile Business Analysts foster collaboration, communication and team building throughout the iterative process and drive project success.

  • Analyzing the Enterprise Icon

    Analyzing the Enterprise

    After establishing the project vision and road map, we use proven elaboration techniques to help your stakeholders articulate their business needs and translate those needs into product features.

  • Voice of the Customer Icon

    Voice of the Customer

    We define business requirements in smaller increments and progressively decompose goal-oriented epics into small, detailed user stories with acceptance.

  • Prioritizing for Business Value Icon

    Prioritizing for Business Value

    We continually assess needs and capabilities that add the most value through sprint and release planning and backlog management.

  • Validating the Solution Icon

    Validating the Solution

    As a key partner, we help deliver continuous testing with each feature being “tested as developed” from a customer perspective.

Adobe Community Partner

Brands seeking to harness the power of meaningful engagement in new digital experiences turn to DefinedLogic for a deeper understanding of what drives interaction, commerce and social sharing through enterprise WCMS implementation and experience design.

Our expertise in enterprise WCM systems implementation builds on years of working with some of the world’s leading brands. We provide services for first-time AEM implementation and AEM optimization, including content migration, experience design, custom component development, interactive components, third-party systems integration, mobile site optimization, responsiveness and author training. We combine deep technological acumen with experience design principles to deliver market-leading brand engagement solutions for clients.

Rally Software Partner

In a fast paced digital world, Agile practices are key to adaptability and a fluid workflow. Agile development practices call for long-term goals to be presented in small digestible pieces, enabling people to work more efficiently and effectively. It also allows for everyone invested in a project, including project managers and clients, to have detailed exposure to the progress of every element. The Rally platform meets the needs of DefinedLogic customers, whose projects are complex, dynamic, and span multiple departments.