Growing Recycling Company Seeks Sustainable Digital Strategy


RiverRoad is an emerging brand in the waste management industry. Their unique approach to providing asset independent recycling solutions relied on creation of a digital platform to deliver waste diversion savings and sustainability initiatives.


RiverRoad chose DefinedLogic as their partner to deliver a comprehensive suite of digital solutions to launch and grow their business.

We built a .Net browser-based software platform that supports account management, vendor management, a mobile workforce, billing, payments, a call center, client portal, regulated waste disposal and integration with MAS 90 accounting software.


Our strategy was simple: Build an integrated suite of custom-designed solutions to create efficient internal processes that provide a scalable business model to support rapid growth.


We implemented an Agile approach to provide RiverRoad management flexibility to add new requirements during ongoing development efforts to support demands of a growing customer base.

myRoad3.0 Redesign Screens


A key industry differentiator for RiverRoad is to provide an unparalleled customer service experience. Our user experience team delivered on this promise by designing an elegant client portal to disseminate KPIs and business intelligence to customers on a real-time basis.


Our Agile approach resulted in a mission critical operations platform to manage a variable service model in support of complex scheduling.

Vendor App being used on Ipad
Opening new channels to market across all devices and touchpoints.

True Partnership Value

RiverRoad is competing against the largest waste management providers in the industry and winning contracts to grow business. Our solution provides RiverRoad the flexibility to manage a diverse group of clients while enforcing standard operating procedures to support a scalable business model.


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