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Weichert Realtors, the nation’s leading independent real estate brokerage, competes for market awareness every day versus some of the world’s biggest brands in one of the most competitive online markets.


They came to DefinedLogic looking for help with an ongoing digital transformation effort across multiple business operations from real estate to workforce mobility and corporate housing.


DefinedLogic leadership has worked closely with Weichert executives to create a sustainable transformation roadmap, simultaneously prioritizing a systems migration to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform while reinvigorating the company’s brand across all channels.


Our consulting practice helped Weichert leadership to establish a collaborative business decision matrix for identifying the most impactful projects both from a cost efficiency and growth perspective. Our proven frameworks have helped to accelerate project evaluation and launch. At the same time, our Agile consulting teams have streamlined the company’s brand.com and application development operations.

Weichert Buyer's Guide Screen


To improve engagement early in the customer journey for Weichert customers, we concepted and designed a new Buy/Sell Guide content site on weichert.com. Our content specialists, UX architects and designers crafted an approach specifically for millennial-minded consumers and first-time home buyers to offer a search-optimized guided experience.

For one of Weichert’s growing business subsidiaries, Weichert Workforce Mobility, we consulted with company executives to define key brand engagement moments in their customer journey. Based on a multi-channel touchpoint strategy, we engineered and designed a new brand identity, messaging and digital product roadmap for growth.


Leveraging our extensive Agile expertise, DefinedLogic development teams, including project managers and business analysts with front-end and back-end developers, have supported the launch of critical business applications and new functionality on wiechert.com. Our teams have improved development efficiency and product quality.


Weichert’s furnished apartments subsidiary, Weichert Corporate Housing, engaged DefinedLogic to optimize search engine marketing (SEM) and drive more leads through their various branded websites. Following implementation, Weichert realized an average increase in traffic of 85% with a corresponding rise in online conversions and revenue growth.

Analytic Statistics Diagram


DefinedLogic implemented Google Tag Manager across the entire Weichert.com website to support more advanced analytics reporting. We created a strategic analytics framework aligned to Weichert’s business objectives before completing implementation using a hybrid data layer/GTM approach. We configured Google Analytics with new dashboards and advanced user segments to improve management visibility.

True Partnership Value

Looking ahead, Weichert’s digital transformation is driving innovation across all areas of their business, making possible important new enhancements to their omnichannel customer experience. We continue to help drive success at all levels of the organization.

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