Technology Changes.
Logic Doesn't

A strong rock climber climbing through an extremely difficult overhanging roof high above the ground. A strong rock climber climbing through an extremely difficult overhanging roof high above the ground.

At DefinedLogic

Realizing the full value of digital is what we do. Whether it's digging for critical insight to solve a complex user flow, unlocking an intrinsic motivator to drive an immersive design or launching award-winning user experiences, our team is dedicated to success that pushes boundaries.

From analysis and strategy to design and analytics, we all bring different perspectives and skill sets. We share a common value in solving the toughest business challenges exceedingly well. Our appreciation for the complexity inherent in that effort is rooted in the work we do for some of the world's leading brands. We don't shy away from what's difficult, but we know when to choose a better way. When we say it can be done, we deliver.

Enterprise digital consulting, immersive digital experiences and effective technology solutions to meet today's business challenges.

Measurable success? It depends on the people.

Adimala Anandbabu, Business Analyst

Adimala Anandbabu

Business Analyst
Adrianna Tepedino, Business Analyst

Adrianna Tepedino

Business Analyst
Alex Shanley, Partner | BA

Alex Shanley

Partner | BA
Alison Kimszal, Business Analyst

Alison Kimszal

Business Analyst
Anthony Minardi, Network Administrator

Anthony Minardi

Network Administrator
Ben Milazzo, Business Analyst

Ben Milazzo

Business Analyst
Beth Luhman, Business Analyst

Beth Luhman

Business Analyst
Brian Mcbriarty, Developer

Brian Mcbriarty

Bryan Galloway, Director | BA

Bryan Galloway

Director | BA
Carolyn Ferguson, Business Analyst

Carolyn Ferguson

Business Analyst
Cory Kazar, Account Manager

Cory Kazar

Account Manager
David Yurkanin, Designer

David Yurkanin

Dennis Warner, Director | Marketing

Dennis Warner

Director | Marketing
Derek Riddle, Director | Creative Services

Derek Riddle

Director | Creative Services
Dom Grayson,

Dom Grayson

Ed Resina, Solutions Architect

Ed Resina

Solutions Architect
Grace Lee, Developer

Grace Lee

Gordon Forsyth, Brand Engagement Lead

Gordon Forsyth

Brand Engagement Lead
Jane Amery, Director | BA

Jane Amery

Director | BA
Jason Unterman, Developer

Jason Unterman

Jim Corcoran, User Experience<br />Architect

Jim Corcoran

User Experience
Joe Bindert, Developer

Joe Bindert

Joe Tallman, Project Manager

Joe Tallman

Project Manager
Jose Gaigbe-Togbe, User Experience<br />Architect

Jose Gaigbe-Togbe

User Experience
Julia Cole, Business Analyst

Julia Cole

Business Analyst
Julie Jurusz, Business Analyst

Julie Jurusz

Business Analyst
Kajal Mithani, Business Analyst

Kajal Mithani

Business Analyst
Karen Collopy, Business Analyst

Karen Collopy

Business Analyst
Kathleen Cedeno, Designer

Kathleen Cedeno

Kristin Campbell, Business Analyst

Kristin Campbell

Business Analyst
Kyle Clayton, Developer

Kyle Clayton

Leslie Jacobsen, Business Analyst

Leslie Jacobsen

Business Analyst
Lynn Shaw, Partner | BA & Project Manager

Lynn Shaw

Partner | BA & Project Manager
Marisa Bloom, User Experience<br />Architect

Marisa Bloom

User Experience
Mark Kramer, Business Analyst

Mark Kramer

Business Analyst
Mark Przybylowski, Business Analyst

Mark Przybylowski

Business Analyst
Matt Baker, Business Analyst

Matt Baker

Business Analyst
Matthew Littlehale, Developer

Matthew Littlehale

Michael Rogers, Business Analyst & User Experience<br />Architect

Michael Rogers

Business Analyst & User Experience
Mike Palazzo, Designer

Mike Palazzo

Mike Simon, Principal Consultant

Mike Simon

Principal Consultant
Miodrag Pipercic, Project Manager

Miodrag Pipercic

Project Manager
Murthy Kolipakam, Business Analyst

Murthy Kolipakam

Business Analyst
Nash Aliaga, Business Analyst

Nash Aliaga

Business Analyst
Otis Cole, User Experience<br />Architect

Otis Cole

User Experience
Patricia Gialanella, Business Analyst

Patricia Gialanella

Business Analyst
Pradeep Rompicharla, User Experience<br />Architect

Pradeep Rompicharla

User Experience
Rose Peres, Business Analyst

Rose Peres

Business Analyst
Robert Arace, Digital Marketing Strategist

Robert Arace

Digital Marketing Strategist
Saashi Sawhney, Business Analyst

Saashi Sawhney

Business Analyst
Samih Auti, Business Analyst

Samih Auti

Business Analyst
Sandy Riddle, Recruitment Manager

Sandy Riddle

Recruitment Manager
Scott Marschalk, Director | Technology

Scott Marschalk

Director | Technology
Sophia David, Product Readiness

Sophia David

Product Readiness
Suzanne Kimszal, Business Analyst

Suzanne Kimszal

Business Analyst
Teryl Dunlap, Developer

Teryl Dunlap

Trish Russoniello, Designer

Trish Russoniello

Walter Huresky, Project Manager & Business Analyst

Walter Huresky

Project Manager & Business Analyst
William Meyers, Partner | Business Development

William Meyers

Partner | Business Development
Yasir Rather, Business Analyst

Yasir Rather

Business Analyst
Yasmine Alsamna, Business Analyst

Yasmine Alsamna

Business Analyst
Yvette Tankard, Business Analyst

Yvette Tankard

Business Analyst

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